We work with intriguing companies to concept and create stories that enlighten the mind and tickle the eyes.


Michael Jeter

Michael has a decade of design experience, and almost as many years of training in the beard arts. Prior to founding POOL, he was the creative director of the comedy-based design studio Cultivated Wit. He also co-founded the social design studio I Shot Him. Michael has created work for a variety of clientele including Google, Whole Foods, Comedy Central, Participant Media, and the City of New York. In his down time, Mike can be found experiencing California with his family or avoiding great white sharks while surfing. 

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Candace Myers

Candace's love for the creative has manifested itself in many ways over the years. She started her career as an art and entertainment attorney partnering with creatives to achieve their dreams. As a producer, Candace has created a variety of ephemeral and video art pieces. Before joining POOL, she worked with creative teams to build mobile apps for companies like 3M, Zeiss, and Genentech. In her free time Candace moms out real hard, and enjoys yoga's meditative and centering powers.

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